Come to think of love. Huh! What is love? What is the right age to fall in love? Who is the right person to fall in love with? I don’t think if there is more love than that a mother gives to his/her child. I mean 9 good months of pregnancy,labor pain all that effort raising a toddler who couldn’t lift his/her feet up to make a step, you know what, that’s what i call pure love. To my fellow children who never had a chance to embrace or set an eye on their mother’s face ,well i want you to know she loved you and she loves you. Its only God’s plans that mam left without visualizing the love to you , but believe me the 9 months carrying you in her womb and loosing her life after giving birth to you. That’s love!

That man who was responsible for your pregnancy, that person you never got a chance to know he is you dad, that man also loves you i what you to know that. I might seem crazy or out of my mind and am sure you are questioning yourself, ‘This lady doesn’t know my daddy dumped me and my mam’ well i have been there i know how it feels. Come to think of it ,were it not for circumstances (which are well know by him) that man loves you and its just that he hasn’t proven it to you. The love feels different. Parental love. Pure love. The bond so strong. Think of it , does it hit you hard ? Well be grateful if daddy and mammy have always shown you how much they love you. Am sure my daddy wherever he is , loves me …. And i love him.

We are a generation wasting our smart fresh and energetic brains getting ourselves into toxic relationships ,in the name of LOVE . Teenager’s have clotted their minds with a fake web they call love. Darling that man/lady you call ,Bae ,Babe and all other names you call each other doesn’t love you as much as your parents and God the almighty do . You are lost. I don’t know the right man/lady for you ,the right time for you to claim to be loved but i want you to have in mind is that no love can suppress that of your parents and that of the Lord God. It sadden my heart to see the children of my land Afrika disrespecting our parents from whom we sprouted , in the name of love. Love by a good for nothing man/lady who lost his focus in life before you even came to his/her life.

Let me not sound harsh. This is an advice am giving myself and my fellow youths, love is there, it was there and it will be there. Let’s appreciate every stage of life and don’t just rush into things that will cost us. Ladies in house, ( aaahhh) Mr right always comes and that is if you will be patient. you see that tall ,dark and………!! He is going to come. We getting cursed by our parents because of misbehaving ,we think we’ve found love that drives us to throw our parents away. It will be too late my friend. That mama mboga you threw her sukuma on her face when she told you to help her while she was cutting cabbage for another customer ,so that you can go see that kaboy child before he leaves for Kibarua you walked away ,is the woman you will need for you to be where you were destined to be.

My brothers, this lady who is telling you not help your mam because she needs her nails fixed and that’s because of peer pressure, you’ll suffer. Beautiful,God fearing and professional ladies are there ,you will find them in your line of duty or else where. Trust the process bro don’t just rush ,you end up impregnate very young girls by the name of LOVE. We have loosed our morals and culture indulging ourselves into acts that bring us more harm than good. There are many diseases out here and we know them. We have given them a blind eye and a dumb ear. Where is our Ubuntu Culture? We’ve lost it completely. Lets just appreciate each stage of life and trust its process. we a loosing direction and focus. At our 20’s is when we are innovative enough, smart enough to concentrate on that concept that will change the world. Let’s not get ourselves into many things, we are loosing direction and heading the wrong way.

God created us out of love. He made sure everything was available for us before he allowed us to this world. That is genuine love from THEE. He made different stages of life that time will come you will need to have a companion and he himself will make it possible for you to meet you better half. No conflict, parents of both sides will celebrate the getting together of their children to a bond of pure love. And that’s when you begin to love, live and laugh.

What will it cost you to just follow the life process as it takes you? Have a meeting with the committee in your head, plan your life stages from studies,career, courtship ,engagement and finally that marriage. By this you will focus on every stage properly and have ample time to think of where you’ve gone wrong and rectify. I believe love and marriage will come automatically at the right time. You don’t just wake up smartly dressed you walk out of your house going to look for love. No it does not work that way. Don’t get carried away by these soaps we watch. Let’s face life as it is.

Its okay and very okay to have friends of different gender. But watch out, at the age of 13 with that boy at the age of 15 claiming you love one another and are in a “RELATIONSHIP” . what kind of love is it?

We have had many cases in our country Kenya the past few months where young university students stub one another to death others committed suicide reason being the so called “LOVE” .We lost that engineer, that Doctor , that future Mr President because of the “love” they claim to have for each other which is not even genuine love. Where are we headed?

‘Do not hold onto something that will end up destroying you , because you invested so much time and efforts at the wrong time ,free your soul from that imprisonment, Your curiosity should not control you to rush into things which can wait instead control it to wait for the right time and way of handling them. You are the power.

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Is there hope for change?

We exist in a generation whose largest population are the youths. A combination of graduates and non graduates with fresh minds ,new ideas ,hope and integrity. Our leadership position is of products of the 1960’s,which was a generation confused with national soul searching. They come up with laws that govern a county full of potential without considering youths existence. Why don’t they allow the youth’s PARTICIPATION in the implementation of these laws? If yes they participated were their views considered?

We are lost as a nation .We have exposed our youths too much problems that they cannot handle. We think of big projects for the nation whose debts are a suffering to our youthful generation. We have introduced many commissions whose dedication leads one to earn a salary that cannot sustain their lives. We need PROTECTION for our youths as a shield for a healthy developing nation. When we sit to implement those laws lets consider there is an existing generation ,which is the youths .

Many of these youths have been exposed to very delicate matters like radicalization, violence extremism and mental health. It is for a fact that mental health,radicalization and violence extremism are bringing us down as a nation. we are affected yet we act so blind to them. I appreciate the counties like Mombasa which have come up with an Action Plan to solving these problems of violence extremism. This is to act as Prevention for the future generation not to suffer the same. We have have to support our youths fully when it comes implementation of violence prevention activities and support social cohesion.

As a nation we should come into PARTNERSHIP with non governmental organizations to provide financial,technical,political and logistic support to our youths that can account of the needs and their participation in peace efforts. The partnership will bring a oneness which is strong and can bring a great change to our nation. The community at large should also be engaged in developing strategies to countering violence extremism narratives.

Disengagement and Reintegration will be a very helpful tool to our nation. We should invest in building young capabilities skills through creating relevant education opportunities designed in a manner which promote a culture of peace. The reintegration activities should consider the needs of our youths affected by armed conflict ,unemployment and labor policies.

Can change come to Kenya? I believe change cannot come but it must be led by the youths. Our only hope is the youth, will they take up the challenge of promoting peace and security or we have ruined them with our prejudices. Do we need change? Well ,we need to create a vision ,we need to refine and define our vision for our nation and set out goals and how to achieve them. I appreciate the United Nation Security Council Resolution 2250 whose five pillars i have discussed in the above paragraphs is of help to us. They include

  1. Participation
  2. Protection
  3. Prevention
  4. Partnership
  5. Disengagement and Reintegration.

Our redemption lies in the youth. We can only redeem ourselves if we actively act as per the United Nation resolution 2250.

I still have hopes. Do you?


Know your existence!

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I believe ,Without knowing what i am and why i am here, life is impossible. Know your purpose in this life. Its not that easy at its seems to be but its high time you consult and have a meeting with yourself. You have to know who you are. Ask yourself, Who am i? What is my role in this world? What am i capable of? How can i achieve my dreams and aspirations? Darling ,All you need is a plan , the road map and courage to press on your destination. Don’t take it too confusing and complicated ,Just Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Because you can do it and you are very capable of doing it. Have a dream, strongly believe in it then work on it because it valid until proven invalid by yourself. I once told my mam that i just want to speak to a crowd of people just like Obama, my mam smiled looked at me and said “i pray for you”. Know is when i realize i needed that prayer. I had a dream from childhood which i had visualised it and fantasized about it. Its funny how i thought of having my flight booked ,driving to the airport, flying to go talk to a crowd of people. By then i didn’t have in mind what i will tell the people but that was my dream. 12 years later i now figure out that was a dream of being a leader , well here i am a youth leader still collecting myself very well to perform the so called achieved dream which i had pictured from childhood.

I want to encourage you to turn your dreams to reality. RALPH WALDO EMERSON said and am also telling you “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself,Go forward and make your dreams come true.” we tend to have dreams all our lives but most of us end up living a completely different life from our dreams. Every time you dream or think of doing something kindly put it on paper. Take sometime to go through all that you’ve written ,figure out that which can be done with the available resources at hand , start with that then follow the others as per your development and growth. We all start small ,right?Winston Churchill observed and said ” some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard on it.” I’ll say after dreaming ,wake up from your sleep and by that i mean move out of your comfort zone , work on it , The dream. Today and henceforth make this declaration to yourself:

I am a dreamer,my purpose in life will directly connect to my dream. I will take control of my dreams and unfold them as the captain of my life. i will keep improving my dreams, bettering my talent and ability as i sharpening my skills as the president of the state of my life. To live a better life,of a real dreamer. I am fully in charge of my dreams.

Live by this declaration you will one day testify of you dream come true , because its valid. I’ll end by quoting……The poorest man in the world is the man without a dream. The most frustrated man in the world is the man with a dream that never becomes a reality – Dr Myles Munroe

No dream is too big for a dreamer. Keep dreaming. I dedicate this song to you , DREAM IT POSSIBLE by Delacey.

I have a dream. Do you have a dream?


There’s nothing more important than the one world held with mothers. Their undying love is extremely fascinating in every way.

When all the love, care and affection dwindles, men take off after taking advantage of once naive young girls. An irresponsible act that has seen many women suffer with their angels.

With the pain of labour after the subsequent nine months of pregnancy, they gladly usher us into this world. They go against the grain and shun away the temptations of dumping us in the dustbins. They accept us with their whole hearts.

Mothers develop reckless love and put us as priority. They let us first feed and more often than not retire to their beds empty belly. When our foes show us their claws of hatred, mothers are always there to act as shields. Some risk their lives by engaging themselves in businesses that are on the other side of the law all in the name of us,their sons and daughters.

Our mothers vividly comprehend the significance of education. They spend sleepless nights working so hard to raise school fees. They sell their valuables and are willing to wear rags for us to acquire knowledge which most of them didn’t have during their and place.

Even in our adult lives, they still show us love and tenderness. We fail in many areas of our lives but they are always there to give us a shoulder to lean on. They climb with us all the mountains in our lives.

Our mothers have set an example of taking care of that which God gives you. In all days of lives, we need to reciprocate this love not by paying them but by showing them that they make our world beautiful. Making them feel important even at their old age. We ought to spend quality time with them in spite of our busy schedules of this tired world.

Let’s cherish our mothers.


(Guest writer ALI MUTINDA)


I came across this poster on Facebook as i was scrolling down my feeds just to confirm i had captioned my birthday post very well, Gosh … I didn’t tell you i just turned 20, wow it seems so cool , right ? I know am now a BINTY and for that matter i attended the mentorship conference hosted by BINTYZ MENTORSHIP ,after getting the details from the poster i saw on Facebook.

Ooh just so you know , It is this woman (don’t mind the name) who also got in touch with me days later to advice that it’ll be better if i would be part of the mentorship program and that it will change my life completely. My response to her was of course a yes …. And for that matter below was the theme and lessons learnt.

The power of focus

He said it very well that ‘Energy flows where focus goes’ that’s how the speaker began….. We fail and don’t see ourselves grow from where we are because we are focused in things that aren’t important,or if they are important they are not helping us grow at all. Move out of your comfort zone and FOCUS. We need to grow and not be satisfied at all with where we are, lets aim higher and higher till we get there when nobody has ever reached ,we leave a legacy for being the first to reach there. Growth should be something that is bothering us for we to win .

Its from the HAND LENS THEORY , where you focus it to the direct sun rays to hit the hand lens and for that matter you start seeing the reaction down the lens (🔥🔥) it lights up… We got the lessons right , I was very keen listening to everything being said.

For the experiment to work, there are three things that should be considered.

  • Consistency

For this case your consistency on focusing the rays to the hand lens is that which will make the experiment work.

In life , you should know what you trade and stick on it for you to see progress. Don’t lay eggs here and go to another place and start planting seeds yet you’ve not hatched the eggs for you to see the chicks alive and growing . whatever you focus on consistently grows.


The environs matters a lot while carrying out the experiment ,same applied to life.

He stated ‘The capacity of your mentality will only increase according the environment you live in. This hit me very hard. Its very factual from the saying ‘Show me your friends i tell you who you are’ i mean if your circle doesn’t help you grow , and it always seems you are the best of them all. Like when you give ideas or advice you are always the perfect one, no one is there to challenge you.
Darling, open up your eyes , you are with the wrong people and you need to change the people you surround yourself with. For you to grow go where you can be challenged .


The source for this matter is GOD the almighty. It is by his will and grace that the experiment was a success.

I’ll advice in everything you do , let God be your leader , allow him to sail with you and for sure our Lord God never fails us, his grace is sufficient and it is only him that can give you that which can build you.
To sum up everything dear ones there is one key thing I’ll leave behind,let it sink in you and always live by it.


Kindly stick and focus on one thing and never get distracted. A disciplined mind is always a focus mind. Never will you loose direction if you uphold and practice discipline. It is from how you sell yourself that people will correct you, respect yourself and others for you to live a peaceful and focused life.

From this well learnt lessons on my first week of turning 20 i believe this will move me to places i have never been, i will make choices that will come out from a focused mind because this message just stroke me and am going to make things look very different from before.

I thought of sharing this so we all be focused and see how we gonna win this together.

Lessons learned courtesy of 16TH EDITION BINTYZ MENTORSHIP PROGRAM whose speaker was TONY OLAKA.

(Mr Tony Olaka~ Transformational speaker of the 16the edition)

where women are transformed to be most important people in the society.

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Look at the stars ,they shine for you and everything you do. This is what they usually tell me,am grateful for this 🤗. Have you ever thought of how it is behind the scenes? Anyway i know its none of your business ,but there is a lot behind this beautiful face you see,behind this soft speaking and focused lady you know,behind this Chicky lady you feel happy chilling out with there is a lot. Have you ever taken your time to check on that “good friend” as you claim to see how life is taking her?

Its just her pieces you enjoy reading,faking the congratulations then what? If you don’t mind of her well-being how do you expect her to motivate you more💔? As you think about it i want you to know even preachers need ushers to help. Doctors need nurses for the operation to be successful, same applies to this young woman or man with whom you’ve always called while crying just to share the hell life you are going through,how you missed that flight yet never bothered to ask if she is at a position to handle what you are going through. Ever thought if she could be going through some hardships ? Do you think she is perfect and life is just good on her side?

Well,you are wrong. She needs a listening ear too. Someone she can call at night while crying and talk to,someone who will hag her and pat her back telling her all will be well. Don’t be surprised,she is human too. Motivators still need another motivator to bring sense and meaning to her life. She isn’t perfect ,did you forget she was created from the same clay that was used to create you? Don’t act funny nor surprised because am sure you are aware of all this but chose to ignore. ~Faridah.

KOMUONO shared his feelings towards the same…..

Even the people we look up to as role models and mentors have their own dark days. In as much as we look upon them for inspirations, there are moments they sink low but we never understand them. They are superhuman to us and the least we expect from them in many occurrences is seeing them weak.
But unknown to many, these people also have breaking points. They suffer emotional stress too. There are nights they wish they can have someone to understand them and whisper to them words of comfort. But as fate would have it, during such nights, they will receive calls, mails and texts of people in different situations that need help. So they have to abandon their own problems and solve those of others first. That’s what matters to them. They have their lives sacrificed for comfort of others.
But we never understand them, they in most cases suffer depression because of loneliness they face behind their smile. Everyone assumes they are conquerors and so they have to be strong. We have standards for them. That if it’s to cry, their tears should be of joy not pain. If they are to feel sad and disturbed, it has to be because of a problem unsolved. basically we mentally torture them by expecting much from them.
So I have this challenge for us, after reading this piece.
How about we go out there and change their world, or our mentors and role models. The people we look up to. How about we inspire them too? How about we also make them feel special?
Take some time and engage them in some healthy discussions not always presenting to them our hard nut problems to be solved?
We can bring light to their darkrooms, we can protect them too same way they emotionally shield us.

Let’s change the narrative in 2019 by not only expecting from them.

Thy Milking Jelly!

“You skin tone darling 😍 …..”
Many always ask me this ,and am like i wish you knew the secret 😉. It was a secret passed to me by force by my beloved momma. It was on this fine morning when mam informed me we were going to shop for my school items for me to join secondary school. As energetic as always done with the house chores,headed to the bathroom …boom ! Am ready mamy!
We visited many stalls at marikiti trying to get anything that was on my shopping list. It was turn for the cosmetics and i remembered a friend of mine who had already joined a day earlier told me if the ‘Girlfriend’ body lotion, here i had written it in capital letters for mam to understand it was a body lotion🤣🤣
Hii shopping yako imemaliza pesa kweli‘ mam told me this as she picked a small plastic tin trying to kind of ready the ingredients ,that was my thought for her holding it long. We went on my eyes captured the bottle of the ‘Girlfriend’ body lotion and i picked the big one as i started stories of how i would use it careful to last me two terms. Mama never commented anything only to reach the counter to see mam exclude my by then hot and trendy lotion.
How am i going to face my bestie ? How will i tell her i didn’t buy what she advised me? questions kept following my mind no getting a clear picture on what body lotion i was gonna carry ,since from the shopping we did nothing of that sort was there .we headed home with mam .Time to park for my schooling staffs mam picked this plastic thing and tells me “Haya mafuta ni mazuri ,hayana allergy wala harufu hayana,utatumia yakiisha tutajua la kufanya”

What is this what am going to show Faith i had bought as lotion? After all the exaggeration that i went to marikiti? Hell no! Handing me over the tin ,only to see a picture of a cow😏 i cried but my tears never changed anything. Mam had the final say. What i did was get rid of the piece of paper which had the cow picture an label of then jelly. I had planned that if in any case bestie asks me of my lotion i would say ,my mam is coming up with a jelly manufacturing company and that was her product and that she is yet to work on the branding …😂😂😂 Brave me.
One fine Monday as everyone was getting ready for school ,in this cube of mine a form 2 girl was passing by and bust into laughter after seeing me with this jelly tin. “Wapaka kamua ng’ombe” Never will i forget this incident i almost fought this lady to prove her wrong. It trended ,i became the talk of school,center of attraction. This stressed me and never did i enjoy school life when it came to matters beauty since mam always had enough stock of ARIMI’S milking jelly for her girl.
Long story cut short,it is after my high school that pimples became my identity. My skin was very bad ,tried all home remedies only to end up worsening the condition. I gave it a thought and went back to the Milking jelly that mam used to force me to use. One week ,one month i started seeing changes on my skin and that was my jelly for life. Affordable,odourless as it is ,its what am using . I don’t stress for lotions,so dear friends you can get me this if you come across this while shopping and think of me. 🤗 After reading and enjoying my Milking jelly history you can as well decide to buy me this 😋 Its actually the best and i think you should try it out.

🤣Thank me later………